One of the main objectives of Akamasoa is to favour the access of adults to a real paid job (inside or outside the association), so that they can sustain their family needs in a real self-sufficient mode. The activities that are remunerated inside Akamasoa are the following: exploitation of quarries for the production of paving stones and bricks for buildings and roads. In addition, classes are set-up to learn building-work: bricklayer, carpenter, street pavers, painters, tiles makers. Finally, many people, are employed (more than 3,000) in community activities.

Two years ago, father Pedro and association Akamasoa began the construction of a technical college, but the work had to be suspended. The donators had not yet understood the importance of the vocational training that can lead to permanent jobs.

It took all the friends of Father Pedro in the Isle of Reunion (France) and the state authority to welcome the coming of Father Pedro. Father Pedro gave two lectures and a mass in two days.

Then 200.000 usd has been put together to meet the required funds needed to complete the construction of this technical college that will give education, jobs and future to this children. 

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