Recognized Public Charity by decree of the Malagasy Government No. 2004 – 164 of February 3, 2004

Report 2014


Dear friends!

We had a very good year in 2014 with all the people of Akamasoa .One event magnified all our efforts and made us forget hard times we had.


In the year 2014, there has been a special time and indescribable intensity as we lived in Akamasoa with friends from around the world who came to rejoice with us for this unique celebration with its meaning, depth and joy with which our celebration was prepared and carried out!

I’m talking about the celebration of 25 years Akamasoa which was commemorated on October 19. This anniversary has left an over lasting impression on all of us who assisted. There was a great joy, great participation, solidarity and proudness to have achieved during a quarter century an extraordinary adventure and a challenge against extreme poverty that almost no one thought possible.


But with God, in whom we believe with all our heart, anything is possible and he has never left us alone!


Among the guests, the President of the Republic Mr. Hery Rajaonarimampianina and his wife and eight of his ministers and many special advisers were there. The President of the Republic wanted to give a strong signal that this Work of Akamasoa is important for the good of all the poor and especially for the 12,000 school children.


The President of the Republic said at the end of the Mass: “I thought I was going to encourage you but on the contrary it is you who during this Mass that have encouraged me, so I redoubled strength to take care 22 million Malagasy across the country and bring them out of poverty! ”


In the afternoon, there was the program an overall movement made by 4,000 students and 1,000 working men and women of Akamasoa. It was of extraordinary beauty.


Among others assisting, there were guests who have always loved and supported our Work, the Antananarivo Archbishop Odon Marie Arsène Razanakolona, The Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Eugene Martin Nogent and the Mayor of the City of Antananarivo!


A party that will stay in the annals of Akamasoa! This celebration will remain a long time in the hearts of our students and families. People also live out of memories, great stories and this celebration of the 25th anniversary of Akamasoa was one of those! Of course, this did not make us forget all the struggles we have fought for 25 years!


Again this year, the social difficulties were hard, because the Malagasy people have not seen the change that they had much hope for.  The new government did not have during the year 2014 the aid  the international community had promised and they could not change the daily drama of its citizens!


So we at Akamasoa have postponed our hope for 2015.

But this time, if nothing changes for the better, there will be no excuses. Economic takeoff is an emergency, if not we fear the worst!

The population is exhausted and tired of waiting for social justice promised by their leaders.

The newly elected must realize that there is no greater honor than serving its own people and prepare a better future for students in their own homeland.

The Malagasy people eagerly awaiting the end of corruption, mismanagement, selfishness, indifference of its leaders to the problems of youth, unemployment, the elderly left behind and no social protection and widows  left with many children.

This year, the insecurity of people and properties has increased; there was a resurgence of thefts and tons of abuses against citizens who want peace and work!

There was a positive sign by the authorities reported that more than 4,000 bandits were apprehended.

Health wise, the plague has struck again strongly this year. We speak of 47 dead and 152 suspected cases. This is due to lack of sanitation and garbage is thrown with the total indifference of all officials in charge.

One wonders if they are the ghosts that will clean and pick up the city’s garbage.

This suggests that there are a lot of words spoken but meaningless and of course without any concrete follow-up. We still do not see the political are determined to change their mentality and tackle explicitly without hesitation to all these tasks that cripple the social, economic and prevent any real progress in the country!


We, on the other hand, dear friends, we have continued to work and were able to achieve this year many projects for the benefit of the most neglected population!


Here are the achievements during the year 2014!


We built a primary school 10 classrooms, a work room with a capacity of 3,000 people, which is also a cultural center, we built 95 houses for the poorest families, we performed the rehabilitation of 140 houses, coatings and paint, also we realized sanitation work in our villages, drainage channels wastewater, sidewalks, paved roads, paved alleys in our villages and with this we prevented natural erosion damage to our work. We made 400 tables and benches for our schools. We painted our 3 Hospitals Manantenasoa, Safata and Ampitafa. We planted 15,000 trees in Antolojanahary.

We welcomed 37,000 people in our reception center for a one-time assistance throughout the year. 38,000 consultations were carried out in our care centers. We served all year round 1,820,000 meals to 7,000 primary school students only. We had to buy 455 tons of rice and 100 tons of vegetables.

We shared 65 tons of rice for the elderly, special cases and the Welcome Center, and over 15 tons of vegetables. Nearly 3,000 people were able to work throughout the year and earn a living through all this work.


Projects and Forecasts for 2015

Construction of 80 housing units, – water supply Andralanitra, Mahatsara, Antolojanahary – Construction of 10 new classrooms – Electrification of the village of Antaninarenina Ambaniala – Closing of the Graduate School at Tolotra – Extension Center ‘Mangarivotra welcome – Rehabilitation of Special welcome Mahatazana – Extension of the basketball field Akamasoa City, -Construction of paved road and paving in front of the village of Ambaniala – Rehabilitation, coating and painting a hundred housing Akamasoa – Reforestation Safata, Antolojanahary, Manantenasoa – asphalt  2 basketball courts to Bemasoandro – Construction of a small market Safata – Construction of an office manager and private college professors Safata – Rehabilitation the Vaingaindrano center – Construction of a hundred latrines, -Construction of a new kitchen, reception center Mangarivotra – Pack of 500 tables and benches for schools – Construction of two changing rooms, a large meeting room – over 10 toilets and showers in the Bemasoandro sports complex – Construction of the road paved to the Villa Saint Paul – Construction of Motherhood Manantenasoa – Maintenance 12 Schools Akamasoa: painting and installation of hundreds of broken windows, – Community laundry Construction Akamasoa City, Antaninarenina Antolojanahary, Bemasoandro.


The year 2014 was hoped to be the year of all hopes, and great joy in the world, since we should have been able to reduce poverty by half in our planet.

Quite simply, we must recognize that none of this was accomplished, especially in the life of the poorest people in the African continent, always forgotten and abandoned.

We continue to live with poverty amongst us and before our eyes! Poverty has become a chronic disease. There are those who deny the extent of poverty on Earth by making false and overly optimistic reports.

How else to explain their lack of willingness and motivation to find as soon as possible real solutions to the poverty of 800 million of our fellow human beings!

While Africa tries to survive with unbearable living conditions, rich countries and multinational corporations continue to invent a huge progress that lulls the masses and makes them just mere consumers and prey to the easy life. Those who program this progress operate without any remorse nor conscience of our Earth’s resources as if we had more to spare!


Unfortunately we still believe that the engine of the economy is profit, money, domination and wealth monopole that give power to some countries and certain people hungry for honors and prestige, and whom have no sense of respect and a spirit of service to the common good of all people in our World. That was the project of 8 Goals of the United Nations Millennium! It is time that the UN think a more equitable redistribution of all the wonders of our planet for all children born on Earth.

Pope Francis continues to remind us all these truths so simple but how difficult to accept and put them into practice every day!


In Akamasoa since 25 years we have lived in a spirit of brotherhood, simplicity and sharing in an economy at the service of human solidarity, which gives them the desire to progress and to be the actors of their own history.

We can see in the villages of Akamasoa joy and respect which we do not often see in the big city. But that does not make us dream, we know how everything we built is fragile! We must defend with all our strength!

We remain awake and down to earth! We have won battles against poverty but not yet the war. That is why we are forbidden to fall asleep in the memories of our small victories to selfishness, evil, the let go and everybody sees for himself!



With your friendship, your participation in our Work of Akamasoa in favor of the left behind, we are determined to continue to fight for the new year 2015 and give new hope and strength to our often confused young by evil examples they see at the top of the State Institutions and society, and in addition to the temptations of easy living, artificial and unreal television images that reach us from rich countries.

The rich and poor countries face the same struggle to make real the reasons for living and hoping to their youth and encourage them to fight against the temptations of debauchery, and a life of appearance.


The struggle for human dignity never ends. Each generation will have to fight to survive and find the flavor of a life dedicated to the common good and good for everyone!


At Akamasoa, we face this great responsibility to educate 12,000 children and young people snatched from the street, and slums so they find the way to truth, commitment, responsibility and solidarity!


Dear friends of Akamasoa, THANK YOU for all you have done for us and we invite you again to stay beside us and continue to helping us with such respect, discretion and love, as you have been doing until now to be able to continue to realize all our plans for the year 2015. Thus the dream of justice, sharing and equitable and sustainable development can become a reality for the poor who have to live with a few cents a day !


Thanks to you, the Work of Akamasoa is an “oasis” of hope for thousands of children and their families!

Nothing is impossible to those who love and believe in man and his Creator!


Happy New Year 2015!


Father Pedro Opeka